Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 days and counting....

Well, folks. Here it is. Ten days until I report for active duty with the Navy. It seemed very esoteric a couple of months ago, but reality is starting to settle in.

I know the next several weeks will be challenging beyond any thing I can imagine, but I also know that thousands and thousands of soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines have done this before me. Many of my friends and Navy colleagues have done this. I can do this.

I will write about my experiences, my observations (many of you know me as a keen people watcher) and, of course, my opinions. My facebook page will stay very active, so please consider this just one more ego-centric platform for me to exploit!

(A special thanks to Patrick Evans for the inspiration for the blog title. His blog, which I followed regularly, was titled 48 Sundays. I hope to continue the great Navy PAO tradition of interesting and fun blogs.)

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