Saturday, October 31, 2009


For Halloween this year, (as in allllllll year) I decided to dress up as an Army Captain.  Combat boots, uniform, the whole thing.  I think it's going well.  (Could have something to do with the gun, though.)  So far almost NO ONE has realized that I'm really a Navy Lieutenant!

As many of my friends have told me...while you are in Iraq:  It's an Army world, you're just living in it.  How true, how true.

Speaking of guns, my new holster arrived today.  It's one that I can have looped through my belt, under my uniform blouse, with a quick release for putting it on my kevlar vest when I need to get ready in a hurry....woo-hoo!

It's much more practical than the holster that strapped to the side of my thigh.  I basically lost the use of the pockets on my right leg because of that damn thing.  (We aren't allowed to carry bags in to the dining facility (DFAC) here, and since I only go there on the way to and from work, it was starting to be a pain in the butt not having the use of that storage space.)  The only down side is that I no longer resemble Han Solo; my nephew William will think I am the coolest Aunt on the PLANET when he sees that thigh holster.

There is a Halloween party at the Palace tonight, but I have opted to stay in my 'hooch'  (no, that's not a dirty's the nickname for the little trailers we all call home) and watch a little college football and surf the web.

If I can ever get some bandwidth, I'll upload some photos and perhaps a video. 

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  1. I believe Queen Amadala also had a thigh holster, and while Han Solo may be cool, Queen Amadala had an extensive wardrobe.

    Been thinking about you lots!!!